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Poncan History - Movies

For many movies, Earl Sturgis, the resident artist for the theatre, would create large banners spanning the width of the building to draw attention to the theatre front. The banners were painted in the third floor "Art Shop" behind the projection booth. For the employees who watched him paint the banners, the smell of his cigar and the oil based paint are all special memories of the theatre.

Poncan History - Fronts

The picture of the Poncan Theatre during construction was probably taken early in 1927. The marquee underwent several changes with the first occurring in 1939 when it was expanded to have a beveled two-row “letter board” on each side, with “Poncan” above each letter board. In 1955, the marquee was again modernized and expanded and P O N C A N was displayed in the front-center of the marquee. During the restoration in the 1990s the original shape of the marquee was restored back to its original size and shape. The P O N C A N letters have been saved and may be restored and displayed again.

Poncan History - Miscellaneous

Select pictures gathered from various sources through the years (from the Hall family, the Alston family, and from Ray & Velma Falconer of the Glass Negative). Many shots show employees dressing up to help promote a movie, having pictures made during employee meetings, and even Jay Silverheels (Tonto) is pictured when he was in town to promote a movie.

Poncan History - Marquee - 1992

Pictured are a series of photos from February 1992 showing the 1955 marquee being dismantled in preparation to restore the marquee back to the original design. The theatre is fortunate to have the original architectural drawings from 1927 to help with such projects.



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